How to reach a state of physical and mental well-being.

Free videos to learn postural suspension and how to use Soulspension to the fullest.

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Types of pain you can releave with simple exercises

Using Soulspension at least 15 minutes daily you will be able to relieve your discomfort.


Resolve quickly your headache and migraine problems.

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A little help to alleviate your lumbar and dorsal pain.

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Shoulder and neck pain

How to reduce annoying cervical pain in your shoulders.

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The exercises that help you resting better removing tiredness.

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A valuable help for your wellness sessions

Using Soulspension for at least 15 minutes a day you will be able to get better wellness sessions.


Keep a correct position during your meditation practice.

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A useful support for those who practice Yoga

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Achieve more rewarding and faster results.

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The tool that helps you solving your discomfort.

Using Soulspension for at least 15 minutes a day you will be able to alleviate your pain.

Post pregnancy

Recover your psychophysical balance quickly.

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Over 60

How to reach a physical and mental state of well-being.

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Facilitate your recovery reducing the risk of injuries.

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Resolve your stress problems and vertebral column pain faster.

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Resolve your lumbar and cervical pain quickly.

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A fantastic free resource for every level



How to use the devices in your lessons



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Patrizia Gavoni, CEO Soulspensions

Maria Patrizia Gavoni

CEO Soulspension

The SoulSpension method for postural correction developed over years of research. It has taken its current shape organically, through study and practice which I would like to share with you.