Exercises to releave back pain with Soulspension

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A free resource to learn how postural suspension can be a valid help for back pain.

Back pain causes

Back pain now a days became an inseparable companion even if not welcome*.

Beside the presence of specific pathologies, today's lifestyle is more and more sedentary, leading us to assume incorrect positions for several hours a day. In the lumbar area, an incorrect sitting posture can be the cause of very invalidating problems.

Furthermore, the increase of smartworking also added stress and overload in the dorsal area, less and less loose and more subjected to tension.

Easy exercises for big benefits

On this page free video we will explain you how Soulspension in just a few minutes a day will help you reduce your problem with lumbar and dorsal pain.

Thanks to Soulspension it becomes not only possible, but also extremely easy, to perform stretching exercises keeping your vertebral column aligned properly.

With Soulspension, the effectiveness of simple exercises is enhanced which will allow, independently, to lighten the load on the lumbar area and the tension on the dorsal one, without taking any risks deriving from positions not correctly maintained during the practice.

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Patrizia Gavoni, CEO Soulspensions

Maria Patrizia Gavoni

CEO Soulspension

The SoulSpension method for postural correction developed over years of research. It has taken its current shape organically, through study and practice which I would like to share with you.