Take it with you to relieve the pain wherever you are.

Allows you to avoid annoying back pain after a long day sitting at work or traveling.

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A lot of people have solved their problems.

The device loved by those who could not find the time to dedicate during the day to do exercises that relieve back pain.

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Transform your day into a pleasant and beneficial massage.

Release muscle tension in the back by decreasing the pressure on the intervertebral discs, generating an extraordinary sense of well-being.

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TimeForYourBack is the current easy and innovative tool to always carry with you. Light and easy to use, it will make you feel better making you more aware of your body and your breath.

Place the spheres where you feel the need, using the belt or pulling it off to your liking. Posiziona le sfere dove ne senti il bisogno, usando la cintura o sfilandola a tuo piacimento. Going to lighten the shoulders, the opening of the diaphragm will be more natural giving life to a deeper and more beneficial respiratory cycle.

The stillness to which we are often forced can be replaced by a pleasant moment of self-massage produced by simple and instinctive gestures and by the pressure of the body itself.

Discover how to use it to feel better.

A video gallery to find exercises and useful advice on how to relieve pain using TimeForYourBack to the fullest.

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When the size matters.

Its minimum size will allow you to always carry it with you during a trip, at work or while you are breastfeeding.


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Patrizia Gavoni, CEO Soulspensions

Maria Patrizia Gavoni

CEO Soulspension

The SoulSpension method for postural correction developed over years of research. It has taken its current shape organically, through study and practice which I would like to share with you.