Exercises to solve sleeping disorders with Soulspension

A relaxed breathing with less anxiety and tension to sleep better.

A free resource on how to learn how postural suspension can be a valuable help for sleeping disorders.

Sleeping disorders causes

Sleeping difficulties and unwelcome nocturnal awakenings are conditions that afflict us more and more frequently.

They are incapacitating problems and they take away energy from our busy days. We do not always intervene quickly enough and the negative effect is often underestimated.

Easy exercises for big benefits

On this page free video we will explain you how using Soulspension it will be possible to perform simple relaxation and stretching exercises.

Exercises that will affect the tense muscles and that will help the distension of the diaphragm.

With just a few minutes a day using Soulspension, you will be able to fall asleep with less anxiety, less tension and with a more relaxed and fluid breathing.

Even recurring thoughts will become less pressing and all this will promote a deep and restorative sleep. Listen to their testimonials to understand that you too can do it effortlessly by dedicating only a few minutes a day.

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Don't wait, solve now your sleeping disorders

Using Soulspension at least 15 minutes a day you will be able to relieve your condition.

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Learn the necessary movements to relieve your pain in just few minutes a day.

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Patrizia Gavoni, CEO Soulspensions

Maria Patrizia Gavoni

CEO Soulspension

The SoulSpension method for postural correction developed over years of research. It has taken its current shape organically, through study and practice which I would like to share with you.