Bank transfer details

The dispatch of the order takes place only when the actual payment of Patrizia Gavoni's bank account, which must take place within 5 working days from the date of the order, after which the order will be considered automatically canceled.

We are not responsible for any payment caused by postal or banking services.

Bank transfer details

  • Bank name: Banca Fideuram
  • Bank account number (IBAN): IT88G0329601601000067355447
  • Account holder: Patrizia Gavoni
  • Amount: XX,XX EUR
  • Reference: insert order number ( i.e: Order n°402-1418986xxx )

Customer service

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Maria Patrizia Gavoni

CEO Soulspension

The SoulSpension method for postural correction developed over years of research. It has taken its current shape organically, through study and practice which I would like to share with you.